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#TBT: 12 Hip Hop Classics From The 90’s We Still Love



Pay homage to classic hip hop. It’s a legends birthday today and since it is also throw back Thursday, we’ve decided to celebrate Mos Def by giving you a timeline of hip hop and some of his greatest hits as well as others during his stretch.

Mos Def was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY just like some of the most influential rappers and classic rap sounds that are still relevant today. Hip hop culture started in the early 80’s, but it wasn’t until the 90’s that this underground sub-culture was recognized. Mos Def, along with Big L, Mob Deep and many others played an instrumental role in the movement.

It was a time where creativity and passion flourished in an industry where MC’s were the minority. More than three decades later, this genre has grown into an empire filled with eclectic talent and unique artistry. Scroll through the pages to listen to some Mos Def classics and hip hop favorites that we all know and love—if you’re a true hip hop aficionado.


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