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The Art of Letting Go!

Photo by Amanda Sandlin on Unsplash
Photo by Amanda Sandlin on Unsplash

It is inevitable that we go through different seasons. Whether it is with people or places, growth will sprout and rearrange our world in many ways unexpected. The lessons learned determines character. We will shift our attitude and hopefully not ignore the signs that forced us to make a move.

Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash

Change is good. It may be an adjustment, we will feel strange but the rewards that we’ll receive for listening to our inner self will be worth it. Have you ever thought about a life you designed for yourself? Will you hang around the same people? Places? What heights would you be willing to go to, to be happy on your own terms?

No one is meant to be stagnant. From the time we were born, we crawled, walked, then talked. Humans are constantly evolving, death even brings a new start. Shedding brings in the new. Embracing transformations during your lifetime welcomes, you guessed it, the new. We all deserve to make a change and to fix what no longer serves us. So why aren’t you letting go?

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