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The Art Of The Friend-Zone: How To Friend-Zone In 30 Days Or Less



The friend-zone is that unique space between acquaintance and lover. It’s every guys worst nightmare. That lonely area where a dude gets put after knowing too much and probably caring too much. Your guy-friend will get put there when he doesn’t say how he really feels, and if he took getting to know someone to a whole other level. This space does not mean that the male counterpart is unattractive nor does it mean that he is “not her type.” It just means that when push came to shove, he didn’t step up to the plate.

On the flip-side, the friend-zone is a woman’s best friend. When she puts a man here she feels accomplished. She knows that he can no longer hurt her, date her, or judge her. She knows that she can get useful insight of the male species now. The friend-zone is a place of comfort for women. It’s knowing that she has a brother that’s got her back or maybe even a wingman—a friend who has other friends for your friends.

The friend-zone is a very delicate space that takes practice to perfect. So for all you ladies that have that one friend, who hasn’t quite jumped the broom into the off-limits-zone, here is a unofficial guide to officially initiate your guy pal into the zone he belongs in.


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