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The ‘Good’ in Goodbye: How Traveling By Myself Helped Me With A Breakup


Written by Christina Hammond


Breakups are never easy, but as Pynk Girls we shouldn’t allow sad times to prevent us from progressing. Instead, we should allow these times to motivate us to put our energy into moving on, self-improvement and helping others.  How do I know?

I recently experienced what I like to call a good break up. As I noticed the relationship going downhill, I realized I was getting depressed and needed to prepare for the inevitable. Preparing actually saved me a lot of tears. By the time the relationship was over, it was easy to walk away and start implementing my “get over the break up” plan. I pondered how I could use the negative energy around me to create a positive space. So I decided to travel, by myself and with a purpose.

1Six months later, I am writing you all from Naples, Italy; where I teach English and writing to inner city high school students. While grateful to be able to experience the culture, see historical landmarks and beautiful sights, I am here for a purpose. I quickly understood that my problems are so minor compared to what my students face at such a young age. There are students who can’t attend school on a regular basis because they have to work and help take care of their families. There are also students who don’t aspire to be anything with very little confidence.  This is because there hasn’t been someone to invest in their future; hence, they don’t see one. Teaching and mentoring these students is so much more important than some breakup. These kids have real issues that they face, and it’s so fulfilling to know that I can touch their lives, bring a sense of peace, and leave a lasting impression in hopes that they will be inspired to live out their dreams.

Although I am here to teach, this is also a learning experience. Once we see the good in a bad situation, we create a positive space for us to heal, learn, grow and inspire others. My motivation was a break up, but it could be anything that is causing negativity in your life. Giving back during a time when you don’t feel your greatest is the best medicine. You’ll start to appreciate the good that you do have in your life, forgetting about the burdens that you have been carrying.



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