The Walking Dead Season Finale is #PynkGirlApproved [Spoilers Ahead]

Photo credit: onedio.co
Photo credit: onedio.co

Alexandria, the Kingdom, and the Hilltop came to slay (literally) in Sunday night’s epic season finale of the Walking Dead. Luckily this season avoids any pesky cliffhangers, but if you still haven’t seen it, spoilers are approaching…you have been warned.

After an intense and melancholy season of character losses and power shifting, Rick and crew decided it was time to round-up the rest of Negan’s victims, The Kingdom and The Hilltop, and go to war with the Saviors.

It has been stated many times throughout the season that people will die and there will be blood, and what better character to die both epically and heroically then our favorite sharpshooter Sasha.

During the episode, you see Sasha slowly dying from the pill given to her by Eugene as a last-ditch effort to stop Negan from using her as a pawn. You also see her remembering her last moments with Abraham before he was killed savagely by Negan alongside Glenn in the beginning of the season, and listening to Donny Hathaway’s “Someday We’ll All Be Free”, which works as a very subtle message of hope that our favorite zombie fighters will one day be free from Negan’s tyranny.

As Rick and crew meet the Saviors at a standoff in Alexandria, they are suddenly betrayed by the Scavengers, ruining Rick’s plan for a revolt and offering a great plot twist. It almost seemed like the end of everything but then a bittersweet moment arrives as a zombified Sasha appears out of her coffin to almost bite the hell out of Negan, giving Carl the clear to shoot em’ up and give Rick and crew a fighting chance once more.

As shots are fired between the Saviors, the Scavengers, and the Alexandrians, Negan manages to capture both Rick and Carl, threatening to chop Rick’s hand off and reenact his savage beating on Carl as a form of punishment. After Rick promises to kill Negan someday regardless of whether he kills his son or cuts his hand off, the icing on the cake was when Shiva the tiger swoops in to save the day before Negan could strike Carl and the Hilltop and the Kingdom provide reinforcement just in time.

The series ends with the three respective leaders of each group, Rick, King Ezekiel and Maggie preparing for war with the Saviors, and Negan the same with them. In closing, the Walking Dead definitely gave the fans what they were waiting for, leaving an exciting season premiere to come in October.

Season 8 (and the 100th episode) of the Walking Dead will return in October.

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