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Think Pynk Exclusive: Charli Smith is Raking Up Views With Her Dance Moves

Photo Courtesy of Instagram: @chalayymichele

Videos constantly go viral for various reasons but Charli Smith has been raking up views on her instagram video because she has serious moves.

Charli is the new “It Girl” since she was seen in a video shaking her thang to Rake it Up by Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj.

Charli’s video took place at the Millennium Studio in LA which has become very popular for its energetic dancers and choreographers that present their routines and post the videos on social media. Charli is a student of Brooklyn Jai, who is the mastermind behind the routine that made Charli an internet sensation. “I actually have been taking Brooklyn’s class since I was 16 years old!” Charli shares with Pynk exclusively.

Since the tender age of four, the plus-sized dancer has  been getting her groove on, but she had no clue that at 23-year-old, her rump-shaking would lead her to universal popularity. “I had no idea it would go viral. I post dance videos all the time and I would’ve never thought it would’ve blown up the way it did, that’s for sure!” Charli states excitedly. “A lot of bloggers and plus size models have notified my video! It’s totally awesome all the love and support I’ve received thus far!”

Charli shares that she wants other plus sized dancers to keep their confidence. “I am very big on having confidence! I am a firm believer in if you show your confidence to others, others will believe it! I constantly tell other plus sized beauties not to let others have power over your self-love!”

Charli has no plan on slowing down when it comes to dancing. “Any pop up [dance]classes will be posted on my social media accounts. I am currently working on a tour in which I am teaching.” We are excited for Charli’s future and we can’t wait for the next viral video.

To catch more of Charli’s moves, visit her Instagram @chalayymichele

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