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#THINKBEAUTY Black Owned Beauty Fragrance to Watch!

B Fragranced

Marilyn_smallIn December 2013, Marilyn Jones created the brand [ME]™ and soon launched the signature Embellish fragrance. Embellish was created as a way for Marilyn to cherish the memory of her mother who she lost to breast cancer at the age of 5. As a child, Marilyn would hear family stories by older siblings as they shared loving memories of their mom. This often saddened Marilyn because she too didn’t share those same memories. However, what Marilyn did have was the memory of her mother’s scent. These memories and Marilyn’s love of scents and perfumes birthed a passion to create a fragrance line.

When we heard about an African American woman launching such a sophisticated fragrance line we had to learn more. We had a chance to ask her a few questions about her journey in the latest #THINKBEAUTY feature.

Define innovation methods you apply to your business and life

One of the best practices I utilize in the creative process of bringing something new to market is the idea of not reinventing the wheel, but simply enhancing what we already have. As such, our Flagship fragrance Embellish was the very first fragrance I designed and the name “embellish “ simply described as making something more attractive, or adding extra details was very fitting! B Fragranced took on the creative process to identify a Brand that consumers could relate to, with that said, the Brand “ME” by B Fragranced was born. Celebrate who you are. That’s a beauty method, which I apply to both my business as well as my personal life!

Who do you consider your peers in the fragrance industry? How have you supported each other?

As we continue to grow the notoriety of our brand ME and what it entails, I would say Michael Kors could be considered one of my peers in the fragrance industry, I say this with great admiration for his resilience and staying power to last for decades in this industry. The beauty industry is such a large category that fragrance in itself could be defined as one piece of a very large pie. With that said, I make it possible to collaborate and team up with great leaders and entrepreneurs in the overall beauty category so that together we can make a larger impact as emerging brands. We support each other in joining alliances to have great branding events/pop up shops and fundraisers to forge opportunities for new brands to give back to those in need within our communities.

Tell us three words that equally define you and the Embellish fragrance.

Glamorous, High Esteem, Beauty conscious!

How does it feel to be one of the few African American women currently pursuing a fragrance line?

It certainly has been one of the most humbling yet highest accomplishments that I have achieved thus far! My hope is to lead and inspire others to pursue their dreams and push beyond the barriers which they may feel are limited, tap into categories that may not appear to be dominated by their gender, and or nationality.

What is next for B Fragranced?

Our goal is to make ‘ME’ a household brand all around the world. We’re excited about our future and vision for the company.

We have some Amazing product extensions that we will be bringing to market really soon in the skincare category. Our Mission is to help you Smell good while looking good as well !  We have officially extended the DOT! We’re proud to announce that we just completed a great partnership with Amazon! In addition to purchasing products via our online shop, B Fragranced products can now be found on AMAZON! While we work to extend our eCommerce platform, we are also in talks with a few great department stores and specialty retailers within our industry.

Embellish Photo

Experience Embellish in a 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum Spray $54.00

Classy, Romantic and Glamorous… all characteristics of a sophisticated lady. An indulgent, light, fragrance, Embellish infuses sparkling notes of apple and peach with a splash of citron. Effervescent notes of jasmine and honeysuckle balance the base of soft amber and sandalwood.


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