#ThinkBeauty: Winter 2018 Hair Protection Tips!

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

Let’s face it, our hair can get really dry during freezing temperatures on the East Coast. Our ends start to break and our scarves usually end up snagging strands of our hair out, who else hates that? Join us as we share some tips for protecting your hair during colder temperatures while reaching your hair goal. 


Trim ends.

It is a must that you keep up with your hair. More specifically, regularly trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks will aid in hair growth and prevent split ends that can travel to the shaft of your head. It may seem counterproductive, but your results will be the total opposite!

Wring your hair out.

Drying your hair with a towel will snag and snap your hair, it would be best to wring your real hair out. This method prevents breakage that’ll happen when drying out hair with fuzzy materials. Another alternative would be to dry our hair with a t-shirt to avoid breakage.

Protect your hair overnight.

Our third tip would be to wrap your hair up every night with a silk or satin scarf or pillow. For the nights that we can’t find our scarves, it is always good to have a satin pillow handy. Your hair does not have to be wrapped as long as you are sleeping on a protective pillow or pillowcase.

Detangle hair when wet.

It is never a good idea to detangle your hair when it is dry. Our fourth tip is to remove tangles when our hair is wet, preferably with your fingers. Using a conditioner to assist you is ideal to get the best results.

Protective styles.

Last but not least, protective styles are great for chilly weather. Getting creative and figuring out what type of braids, frontals, or faux locs will solve any issue of breakage during the winter months. The purpose of protective styles aids in the prevention of breakage.

That’s all queens!

Protecting our crowns is imperative to hair growth and contributes to healthy hair habits. Limiting breakages with these tips above will assure you of minimal damage reaching your hair goal.  Comment below and share some of your hair goal tips or treatments for Winter 2018!


Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

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