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#ThinkFashion: Celebrity Designer/Stylist Anthony Chad Talks Style Inspo & Perseverance



In 2016, we are overwhelmingly suited with fashion boutiques and online retailers and although it seems like “style” has become over-saturated, Anthony Chad has given us life with his unique and vibrant collections. Anthony Chad is a celebrity stylist and designer, breaking fashion rules and barriers. With intricate designs and quality materials, Anthony Chad’s pieces embody what it means to be sexy, chic and classy. PYNK had the opportunity to catch up with the talented style connoisseur to discuss his fashion upbringings, his inspiration, and his dedication to his hustle. Continue reading below to get to know the fashion genius.

PYNK: Tell me about yourself…where are you from? Fashion background etc…

Anythony Chad: Born in Camden, New Jersey raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am a celebrity fashion stylist to the stars. A fashion enthusiast since I could remember, I first decided to take steps in the fashion industry by learning as much as I could from the best in the business. My first break came as an internship for Patty Hughes, a well-known coordinator for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. From there, it gave me the opportunity to assist with designer brands such as Betsey Johnson, Max Azria, Anna Sui and more.

Ultimately, I was able to land a job at IMG, the world’s number one international model management and production firm. Working the tents at Bryant Park opened many doors and eventually led to me styling some of the industry’s top stars. My past celebrity clients include Trey Songz , Chinx, Rosa Acosta, Charli Baltimore, Claudette Ortiz, Kendra G, Lisa Rinna, and many more. My styling work has been featured by major outlets such as Vogue Italia, MTV, MTV 2, MTV UK, BET, Fashion Bomb Daily, Maxim, New York Times, Daily Mail, GQ, and various other top-tier outlets. In addition to my styling accolades, I also own a Luxury ready-to-wear brand by the name of MORRIS by Anthony Chad, a line especially personalized for today’s in-crowd elite.


PYNK: Where do you get your inspiration from for your designs?

Anthony Chad: So many things inspire me; I can literally be inspired by anything.  A bird’s feather, Movement of water or a train, nature in all four seasons, architecture, street style, shapes and curves of a women’s body and everyday life. The art of living inspires me.

For this collection in particular (Summer 2016), its titled Blanc (A tale of Good vs. Evil.) I took a lot of inspiration from cinematic fairy god mothers and wicked witches such as “The Wizard of OZ” or “Maleficent”. Only in my story what you think is good may very well be evil, for example I feature a contrast between light and dark fabrics. People often reference light or white as good but in this collection the dark sparkly pieces are the good and the sharp white pieces are the bad.


5474fbe9-9913-425e-941f-325280ac2da0PYNK: Did you start off styling at first? When did you realize that design was going to be your career path?

Anthony Chad: I knew very early on that fashion and design would be my career path.  I started designing at a very young age, making clothes for family members and my sister’s dolls.  My Mother would often tell me a story of when I was about 4 years old, I rubbed a women’s leg to see if she was wearing stockings. From that point on my Mother also knew that fashion and design would be a career path that I would take.

Knowing my passion for fashion I wasted no time studying up on the industry.  In high school I would wake up extra early before school to watch behind the velvet rope with Lauren Ezersky on the style network. Soon after high school I volunteered at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Bryant Park where my dreams finally came true.  After years of watching Lauren behind the velvet rope during MBFW, I was actually there and had a chance to meet Lauren Ezersky.  Working as a dresser at Bryant Park is where I developed my passion for fashion styling.


PYNK: What advice would you give to your fellow peers and upcoming designers?

Anthony Chad: To my fellow peers, please set positive examples for our youth. There are too many of our youth lost, trapped in the illusion of living a lit life of money, power, popping bottles, driving luxury cars, wearing labels and all that  the media glorifies isn’t  what it’s depicted to be.

To upcoming designers, this industry is really tough… there will be more people telling you no before telling you yes. Work extremely hard, be patient and have faith, never give up and be prepared for many obstacles.


PYNK: What design technique would you say is your trademark?

Anthony Chad: I would say my design technique is body conscious dressing with attention to detail, structure and fit. I like to design sexy yet luxurious women’s ready-to-wear. I’m a sucker for a body conscious outfit. My aesthetic is to uplift the wearer making her feel confident, sexy and powerful.


PYNK: What sets Morris by Anthony Chad apart from other brands?

Anthony Chad: What sets Morris apart from other brands is the ability to create new trend ideas, while still referencing current trends to appeal to the mass market. For instance; one of the biggest trends right now are flare pants, I’ve designed a pair of flare pants named “Diana Flare Pants”  however mine has a high waist band attachment, cut low in the front and back creating an illusion of chaps. These same pants can be worn with a body suit I’ve designed named “Tina Body Suit” creating another illusion of being a full jump suit, separates that work together. Two different trends implemented in a new way, still catering to the mass consumer who follows trends but also giving them a fresh take on a

PYNK: What can we expect from the new collection of Morris by Anthony Chad?

Anthony Chad: In this new summer 2016 collection we are giving you understated drama. This collection is filled with lively fabrics, gaudy accessories, styled in a chic athleisure way. Most of our pieces are interchangeable, we wanted to give our clientele the option to mix and match garments out of one collection. Be prepared for this collection to be all over the red carpets, on your favorite celebs and publications. Much like our clothing we are here to put our stamp on this industry and make a statement. So be sure to experience the brand via

Check out some of our favorite pieces from the latest collection on the following pages.

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