#ThinkFit: 4 Detoxifying Teas for Post Holiday Festivities

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Now that the holidays are over, we all could use a bit of detoxing. It is time to snap back the healthy way– cleansing from the pastries, pies, and drinks that we had no shame indulging in. Tea can be a cure for most ailments like those hangovers from NYE, muscle pain, and fatigue from all of the holiday festivities. Entering 2018 on a great note will set the tone for a magical beginning and ending. Join us as we shed some light on 4 delicious teas that’ll leave you revitalized.

  1. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is known for treating fatigue, upset stomach, and queasiness amongst other things. Peppermint tea has an invigorating peppermint taste that’ll leave you refreshed and ready to make those money moves.

  1. Lavender tea

Traditionally, lavender tea assist in boosting energy and emotional health. Sit back and relax as this tea eases anxiety. The sweet smell of lavender relieves joint and muscle pain too. We all could use a power nap after this soothing tea.

  1. Matcha tea

This Japanese style green tea is not your ordinary tea! Matcha is green tea finely grounded in a powder consistency.  Matcha tea is a great way to burn belly fat and is a great source of detoxifying and cleansing from those holiday eats.  

  1. Chai tea

Chai tea is a PYNK favorite! This tea is a mixture of black tea with Indian herbs and spices. Chai tea helps fight against colds as it improves our immune system and any inflammation we may have. Chai tea can be found at any of your local favorite coffee shops. 


Taking care of our bodies leads to a better lifestyle and mental state, health is wealth ladies! Share some of your favorite teas below. #ThinkPYNK

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