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#thinkFIT: 5 Get-Back, Best Sweat Techniques


I can’t even lie, I’ve been slacking x 10 these last few weeks, since Thanksgiving actually.  Been eating all kinds of things, but to make matters even worse, I haven’t been coupling my eating with getting in the gym.  09bdabd4c9fccd149792d35f14acbe16_photodune-12748027-home-fitness-black-woman-trains-biceps-with-weights-s-980-cLadies, that is the surest way to knock you back off your game.  Before you know it, you’re back with that old fling.  The same fling you was running away from on the treadmill 11 months ago.  He done caught up with you, or did you just slow down?
Either way, pick up those dumbbells, speed back up and get on your feet again.
But I don’t know if it’s that #PYNKPower in me, I don’t need an onlooker to ever catch me slipping; I catch myself boo, that’s what #PYNKGirls do.  Never mind checking the scale, check yourself.  You know what you’ve been up to in the kitchen, and what you haven’t been doing in the gym.

You see the trick to this whole thing, I’ve learned that you can eat pretty much anything as long as you are putting in a regular workout a few minutes a day, 2-3 days a week, at the least.  That’s all it takes, ladies.  Even if you don’t have a membership, there’s no excuse.  Just slide the living room center table off to the side somewhere for 15-20 minutes tops a few days out of the week, get you that necessary sweat in, and you’re golden.

My 5 get-back, best sweat techniques:



No 1. on my list is a quick Run or Jog in place.  A few minutes or two to wake your body up, nothing too crazy for the lazy, and if you need that extra, pump it up for a few minutes more.  If you don’t like running, jump some rope for the same amount of time, or you can do 30 jumping jacks.  This is to get your heart rate going, and work the sweat up.








No. 2 is a my absolute must-have on the list, Squats.  You burn more calories with this one workout alone, than running, jogging, cycling; and, your building muscle at the same time – and not just one.  You are working your legs, thighs, booty, & abs.   My secret trick when doing these is simple, I call it my 10 x 10.  With every squat, count to 10, ten times.  So that’s a 100 squats a session.




woman-crunchesNo. 3 is Abs.  Now this is the workout that you really should be doing everyday.  But I realize we #PYNKGirls are often running from one appointment to the next, we barely have time to do our hair sometimes, so I can see how you might miss out on some ab action.  But you must not.  You really should get that workout in.  If the belly is tight, everything else won’t be a big deal – trust me.  So whatever ab workout you like, pick one and apply that same 10 x 10 idea with every crunch.  Whether regular crunches, twisted, bicycle crunches, planks…there’s so many to choose from.yogasimpleplankposesilhouette

Or, get in some alternate-action with you and your boo.  A partner is always fun to help you get a workout in too.


No. 4, is a necessary good Stretch to work those joints out, and elongate your body into the new form that’s slowly brewing now that we have gotten back into the habit of things.

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Lastly, there is No. 5 – my favorite and the most fun, even if by yourself.  Dancing.  It’s probably one of the best total body workouts that most women enjoy doing any day of the week.  Just turn on your favorite playlist and start moving.  Dip low and shake those hips from side to side. You will really start to see the sweat dripping, and don’t be shy because that’s how you know you’re working.


I swear, these are for the most part, all you need to get back on and stay on.  And as long as you don’t forget to hydrate, there’s really nothing else stopping you except, guess who?  You.

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