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#ThinkPYNK: 10 Things We Learned From Tink’s ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview


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First of all, Tink is only 20-years-old, which is dope because she’s been compared to Lauryn Hill and ironically around the same age Hill was when she first got her buzz. The Chicago native has been hitting the music channels, blogs and radio stations pretty hard these past months and since she was a guest on SXSW and one of Fader Magazine‘s most recent Cover artists, her popularity has gone from underground to mainstream real quick. From working with Timbaland, to being compared to Aaliyah, Tink is clearly doing big things with her music career and completely changing the 2015 pigeon-hole image of women in hip hop.

With the latest controversy from Timbaland’s recent comparison between Tink and the late Aaliyah, the young femcee clears the air saying that “there will never be another Aaliyah.” Timbaland’s comparison was simply a confirmation for Tink to say that she is also a legend in the making. Tink’s style and unique way of rapping is giving her a large platform for her artistry and much opportunity for growth in the game. Her individuality and swag deems her #PYNKGirlApproved and we are patiently waiting to see what she’s cooking up in the studio.

Having the guts to freestyle live on the show and being confident in her artistry, we should expect to hear much of Tink all over the radio as well as a possible album in the works. Watch the full interview and check out 10 things we learned from Tink’s first Breakfast Club interview below.

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1. Tink grew up listening to mostly 90’s music.

2. She has been compared to Lauryn Hill…ALREADY!

3. Her real name is Trinity.

4. Tink started out making drill music when she remixed Chief Keef’s “300.”

5. The only other female rapper who has reached out to her so far to collab is Missy Elliott


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6. Feels like working with Timbaland is more of a partnership than a dictatorship.

7. Takes the pressure from Timbaland and uses it as motivation. Tink says that she knows every time she goes to the studio she can’t be the same Tink from five years ago.

8. People were offended by her usual tresses of long braids with beads.

9. Tink was the first female to freestyle on The Breakfast Club.

10. Her album is coming this summer.

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