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#ThinkPYNK: 10 Throwbacks of Iconic Baddies #TBT

Beverly Johnson Posed


Oldies but goodies, anyone?

A supermodel is basically a model that is important enough to be named “iconic.” Beautiful, glamorous and fashionable, it has taken women like Naomi Campbell, Iman, and Twiggy to pave the way for this generation of gorgeousness in the industry. Although it is easy to envy these women for their lifestyle; the modeling industry is no easy feat. However these supreme women have created signature looks that have made themselves staples of beauty.

Not every oldie is a goodie, but these lovely celebs make the past look great. Although most of these gorgeous gems still look amazing these days, you cannot ignore the humble beginnings they came from.

Check out some “started from the bottom” pictures featuring our favorite iconic supermodels.

Photo Credit(s): Getty Images

Beverly Johnson, 1980s


print image

Lisa Bonet, late 1980s



Gail O’Neill, 1985


Naomi Campbell, 1985

(C) Corrine Day, Kate, 1990

Kate Moss, 1990


Tyra Banks, 1991


Iman, 1980


Christy Turlington, 1990s


Naomi Sims, 1968


Twiggy, 1970s

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