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#ThinkPYNK: 10 Tips To Having a Happy, Healthy Relationship

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Relationships these days seem to have some negative generalizations about how most of them pan out. Most people blame it on age, but the real issue is the immaturity level of two people trying to make it work. Relationships are to be taken seriously and catered to-it’s the only way for them to get stronger and grow.

Most relationships are short-lived because there is no initial foundation to keep the bond together. People tend to jump right into relationships because of insecurities, loneliness and even boredom; which are clearly wrong reasons to open your heart.

Although a slow pace isn’t always the correct route, it is important to move at a controlled pace so you are able to truly get to know someone before you become exclusive. For all you lovers looking to lockdown, here are 10 helpful tips to having a happy, healthy relationship.

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There cannot be love if there isn’t friendship, only infatuation. In the hardest times of a relationship, it is that foundation of friendship that is going to keep the bond strong and the union moving forward.




This may seem obvious, but it’s actually something that we usually undermine the importance of. Without communication things get blurry, which leads to accusation and letting the mind wander. Most relationships fail because of an individual not knowing what their partner wants.




People always say this, but don’t really know what it means. Compromise is probably one of the most meaningful acts that you will do in a relationship and it will only lead to a deeper connection with your partner. It’s important to compromise for the better of the relationship, however.



It’s so easy to get stuck in your own stubborn ways. A part of maturing is being able to understand other opinions and-whether you are right or wrong-being able to consider the other persons’ feelings.




There is such thing as spending too much time together or being too wrapped up with a person. Although you are head over heels for someone, it’s imperative that you keep a balance and separate your personal life from your relationship life.




It’s important that you are comfortable with your partner to try new things or even taking new steps in a relationship, both sexual and non-sexual.



Common Interests

Although opposites do attract, it is a plus if you have things in common with your partner. Although you may be two completely different people with challenging personalities, you should like some of the same things and be interesting in the same path.




If you are not growing as a person in the relationship, it’s not beneficial and relationships should be a growing process when you are with the right person. It’s your partners’ job to help you grow and bring the best out of you.



Be an open book

Social media has destroyed more relationships since its reign in this last decade, which is why people need to be more cautious of the information that they post on their accounts. Keep your personal life as discreet as possible because misery really loves company.




Cannot stress the importance of this one! Respect can be given in so many ways, and it’s so easy to abuse.


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