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#ThinkPYNK: 10 Ways You Know Your Mother Raised You Right

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Your mother is the most important woman in your life because she loves you unconditionally. She doesn’t judge– although sometimes you think she does–and she knows you better than you know yourself. Even though you may not understand her or think that she doesn’t understand you, it’s important to be aware that your mother is one of the few people in this world you can trust. Stubborn and refusing to truly admit when we are wrong, we always think that mommy “just doesn’t get it,” but in actuality she understands exactly what you’re going through. Remember, whatever you think you’re going through, she’s already been there done that and then some.

It’s a mothers’ job to raise their daughters to be a better version of themselves. That is their only concern from the time they hold you in their arms to when they ship you off to college. It’s your job to keep those morals and values that your momma has taught you set in stone, which reflects the true virtue of your character. Although temptation is difficult and we are bound to evolve and adapt as human beings; if you were raised right those same mannerisms that you were brought up on should be instilled in you. Continue reading to learn 10 ways that will prove your mother raised you properly.

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1. You have great manners

2. You have naturally virtuous morals

3. Selflessness is a key trait that you possess



4. You have respect for elders

5. You have self respect and are aware when you aren’t being treated properly

6. You’re able to see the beauty in another woman.



7. When you eat, all your friends eat too.

8. You are extremely hard working.



9. You recognize a good person when they are around

10. You steer away from drama…because your mom always said so.

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