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#ThinkPYNK: 13 Lessons On Love From Our Favorite Love Stories

about last night


Love is a battlefield. Pat Benatar said it best when she poured her heart out on that 80s track. Heart break to heart break, we stand. Just like in the movies love is both painful and difficult, but precious and rewarding at the same time. In the movies, love always has a happy ending; for the most part. This paints an unrealistic picture of love. We all know that movie love portrays the emotions that we wish to feel one day. We’ve been living vicariously through Quincy and Monica’s relationship since 2000, thinking that one way to get our man back is to “play him for his heart.” It’s bogus! There is some truth to all these fairytales, however. Love stories teach us valuable lessons like:

-Working hard to gain something that you want more than anything.

-Never giving up becuse you never know how close you are.

– Something/someone that you can’t go a day without thinking about is always worth it.

(And my personal favorite)

– Dudes ain’t sh*t

So there is some good coming out of these fluffy, generic and unreasonable stories of lust, adornment and fidelity. They teach us that love exists, whether it is a story of a post-apocolyptic super teen community where two fighters fall for each other in the midst of vengeance and war; or a man who tells the same love story daily to his wife struggling with alzheimer’s just so she can fall in love with him all over again.  Love is passion and it should only bring us happiness, which is why it’s important to keep it alive. Pynk girls are firm believers in love. Not only love for people, but love for dreams and goals. Check out Pynk’s rundown of valuable life lessons that some of our favorite love stories have taught us.


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Love and Basketball taught us that you can have passion for your career and personal life and still have love for your significnt other.


The Notebook taught us that true love never dies.


Titanic taught us that no one else can tell you who to be with, but yourself. You have to follow your heart in order to find happiness with the right person.

poetic justice

Poetic Justice taught us self-worth and respect. Be a queen in a man’s eye, not a pawn!


Boomerang taught us that the temptation of wanting something that you can’t have is strong, but it isn’t real.

the fault

The Fault In Our Stars taught us that life is so short and that when we find love, we shouldn’t take it for granted or be afraid to embrace it. We should completely fall into it because you never know how long your “forever” with someone is going to last.

 top 5

Top 5 taught us that love is unpredictable and that you can know someone your whole life and not know them at all. It taught us that sometimes love at first sight does exist and soul chemistry is powerful and unavoidable. Two days or two years; if you fell, you fell.

the vow

The Vow taught us that when you devout yourself to someone and truly love them, you will stick by them no matter what. Through good times and bad times love conquers all.


Hitch taught us that when you find your true love the best person to be is yourself. It’s almost impossible to fake around the one because all the things you try to hide are the attributes they truly appreciate about you.


Breakin’ All The Rules taught us that even if you have the realtionship handbook, not every relationship is the same and that certain someone will change all the rules whether you like it or not.


About Last Night taught us how important it is to build a bond with someone. During the butterfly stages you are always head over heels for the person, but without a solid foundation of trust and friendship the relationship won’t last.

think like a man

Think Like A Man taught us that people can be extremely selfish in relationships. Each persons’ main goal is to eventually be in control or get what they want out of the person. The moment you start being selfless, you will see the relationship prosper and mature.

eat pray love

Eat Pray Love taught us about the most important love of all-self love. We learned that before you can fully love someone else you have to find yourself and love yourself to your fullest capacity.

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