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#ThinkPYNK: 4 Simple Steps To A Healthier You


For those of you who have mastered the art of cutting out all sweets and fried foods from your diet, we applaud you! For those of us who still can hear the chocolate cookies, french fries, and red velvet cakes calling out for us—this is for you.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not necessarily about denying yourself the freedom to enjoy all the great cuisines and desserts that may cross your path. It’s simply about knowing when to say no and knowing when to make the appropriate substitutes. It’s about knowing when to actually listen to that little voice inside your head telling you, “put that donut down and grab an apple.”

So for all you PYNK girls wanting to take the first steps to a healthier you, follow these quick, easy tips and you shall be on your way.


Say NO to sugary drinks:  You would be surprised how much drinking soda and juice add to eating more and eating unhealthy. Soda and juice contain a large amount of calories that instead could be used for consuming solid foods. So a quick and easy step to cutting out sugary drinks is to drink more water. The benefits of water not only include hydration but also it can help you feel full quicker which aids in you eating less. And if you ever feel like water is just to boring try adding different fruits to give it that blast of flavor you seek for in sugary drinks.

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