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#ThinkPYNK: 5 Annoying Co-workers At Every Workplace

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Have you ever experienced a work place that was perfect? I mean, shorter hours than usual, friendly people, no tedious work and co-workers that are simply a delight to be around? Hah! Me neither. The workplace was made for normal people like you to be throughly and utterly annoyed as soon as you step foot in the office. Because the HR department-for most companies-is similar to the casting directors of The Real World, you can always count on them to hire someone who is the polar opposite of you.

Everyone has that one co-worker who always seems to ruin your day even more. And if you don’t have an annoying co-worker…then you ARE the annoying co-worker. There are many different types of people in the workforce and unfortunately you may have to deal with each and every not-so-great type of person during your stint as an employee. Don’t bother complaining about it because everyone has to deal with it-it’s called life. Here are 5 types of co-workers that are not so favorable.

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1. The gossiper

The gossiping worker is always in everyones business. They probably lack their own personal life, so they want to know all about yours.


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2. The mircromanager

This co-worker has a little bit more experience that you do, but insist on “helping” you all the time.



3. The favor asker

This co-worker always seems to need a favor. Unfortunately you will soon realize that their “favors” are actually you doing their work for them.



4. The bare minimum worker

She does just enough to get by, but barely enough to help others.



5. The Chatter-box

They talk to you, on the phone and anyone they can find to get out of doing actual work


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