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#ThinkPYNK: 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Keep In 2017


Year after year, the woman who sticks to her guns gets better.

imagesAnd that’s just not some quote I found on somebodies Instagram page this morning.  It’s funny how people will cling to an Instagram quote before just sticking to their New Years resolutions.  Most times, the answers to our questions and key to opening closed doors are within us already.  We spoke it at the top of the year, but fell off some time after.

People like to sleep on resolutions as if they can’t actually manifest destiny’s.  But they can, you just gotta stick to them.  And don’t overdo it with the super long lists, and unrealistic goals that you know you’re not going to follow through with, that’s how you lose the race before even getting on your mark.

The whole no drinking in 2017 is a far far reach and probably won’t last you through the first 90 days, so try these simple resolutions to help keep you on your toes in 2017.

  1. Pray more than you did last year – that goes without too much explanation.  And if it’s hard to stick to your guns, pray for guts.
  2. Get in shape/stay in shape – this actually starts with a simple glass of water first thing in the morning to help set your metabolism off for the day.  Get yourself to your best feeling self, if you get what I mean.  Not too thin, and not too far beyond a healthy waistline.  And once accomplished, it will literally shape your attitude towards conquering the rest of the world.  So start moving, take the stairs instead of the elevator. dove-real-women-campaign-1308459
  3. Only talk positive banter – Steer clear from speaking negativity into your life and get thee away from me with the pessimistic spews.  You’d be surprised how much someone else’s energy can take form in yours.  The power of the tongue can be a heavy thing – so always live in light, not the dark.
  4. Look towards the future, not your past – It can’t be easy to move forward in some instances, I imagine.  Especially when you are waking up to your past daily.  Redecorate.  If an unwanted somebody in the house doesn’t like it, they’ll move out.
  5. Make more money – Never be content with where your at unless you’re happy there.  365 days has past, it’s probably time to ask for that raise you’ve been busting your butt for all year.

empowermentThese simple resolutions are easy enough to keep & should cover that #PynkGirl laundry list you have taped on your wall.

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