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#ThinkPYNK: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Say On A Job Interview



Job interviews are one of those tricky situations that nobody has the formula for and if you think you do, you should probably have landed the job of your dreams by now. Most people think that taking the honest route will land you a job, but the interview is not the time to be honest Abe―about some things. Let’s not push so far to say that you should be lying about your experience and expertise, but there is such thing as telling too much.

Hearing colleagues that work in Human Resources discuss the woes of interviewing and the crazy stories that they’ve heard, you’d think they were intervening these prospective employees. So try not to talk about your sick dog whose medical bills you’ve been funding, or the chronic itch on your foot that the podiatrist said might be something serious. Talk about your future goals and why you’re the perfect candidate for the role. Glorify yourself without being pretentious and study your butt off the night before, so you have an answer to every question those pesky interviewers throw at you. Study the qualifications like the Bar exam and avoid these 5 habits that everyone slips up on during the most important test of their lives.

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