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#ThinkPYNK: 5 Ways To Budget Your Money This Weekend



Here’s to a Frugal Friday. Yes, it has been a long week and we all know that you are super excited for this three-day weekend, but if pay day is not tomorrow, it probably isn’t wise for your to splurge for the Labor Day shindigs. Let’s take it slow this time and think of a plan B that will be equally as fun as your original ideas. Instead of leaving your tab open at your favorite dive bar on the lower east side, try diving into your local supermarket and purchasing some hard ciders for your Saturday picnic.

Of course we know that it is all easier said than done and once you’re enjoying the music, the drinks keep flowing; but the last thing you want to do is wake up Tuesday morning with no lunch money. There are plenty of amazing festivities going on that are free of charge and we won’t judge you if you decide to face a bottle of rosé all alone. While you’re sitting at work contemplating what to do, you should also be deciphering how much money you plan to spend—or not to spend. Check out how PYNK girls budget their money on the weekends.

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