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#ThinkPYNK: 5 Ways To Budget Your Paycheck For Your Spring Stash

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Spring and summer time is approaching, so that means long nights and lots of money spent. It’s been a long winter, so don’t try to fool yourself into believing that you aren’t going to ball out during the heatwave.

Day parties, festivals and BBQ’s are going to be in ample supply, which means that you are going to need more than just a little chump change if you want to live life to the fullest. Start saving now, so you won’t have any issues with being the “broke friend” when push comes to shove. Aside from going on hiatus during the winter by hibernating until it’s time for short shorts, here are 5 smart ways to budget your monies, so you can enjoy your spring and summer.

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1. Cook dinner instead of buying food

You’d be surprised how much money you probably spend on food per week. If you are spending roughly $8 or $9 for lunch each day, that adds up to between $40-$50 a week, which adds up to approximately $150-$200 a month.


2. Stop impulse buying

It is one thing if you NEED a new pair of slacks for work, but all the frivolous shopping has to stop. You don’t need three of the same dress in three different colors.

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3. Slow down on the happy hours

We know you had a rough week, but you have to stop using that as an excuse to get a little tipsy after a long workday. Just buy a bottle of boxed wine and call it a day.


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4. Walk to work

Instead of taking a cab, driving your car, or using public transportation; go for an early morning walk. Hopefully you don’t live 5 cities away from your job.



5. Live as if you are broke

Don’t be broke, just play broke. Every paycheck you receive, simply put it in your savings instead of your checking, so the money is untouchable.

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