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#ThinkPYNK: 5 Ways To Find Inspiration When You’re Feeling Discouraged



Everyone has dreams and aspirations and everyone has haters and non-believers that are going to shoot those dreams down. Not everyone is going to see or understand your vision like you do, so it’s important that you stay focused when it comes to matters of the heart and your career.

Ambition is a trait that not many people carry. It is a strong, passionate feeling that forces you to get up every morning and hustle. It’s the drive that keeps you going and working towards your future. You will have doubts, but the most important thing is to keep your goals in clear view, so you can narrow your focus and plan accordingly. The best way to work towards your dream; is quietly, so the nay sayers don’t throw you off course.

Although this is easier said than done, we are all human and we all have a story of our own of starting from the bottom, but you have to remember that good things are possible and a diligent worker will always prosper. Failing is an enigma and you can’t truly fail unless you haven’t tried, so you have to stay positive in every situation. Inpiration is not something that’s tangible or something that you can obtain easily, and everyone gets inspiration from different places. Not all tactics work for everyone, but here are some great ways to find inspiration for the discouraged mind.

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Talk to family

Family will always hold you down, so make sure you speak to a loved one.

Daily Affirmations - 5 October 2013


Daily affirmations

There are so many apps these days that have daily inspiration quotes and affirmation passages.



Bible scriptures

Even if you aren’t religious biblical scriptures apply to many circumstances in life.




Remember how far you’ve come and how close you can be.


set and reach goal concept

Confirmation of your goal

Take time to remember why you started in the first place before you throw in the towel.

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