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#ThinkPYNK: 6 Time-Saving Principles for a Better Week



Modern technology has afforded our generation with the gift of cyber celebrity status, internet affection; web interviews, virtual shopping, and the answer to just about any question Google or Siri can comprehend. Simply, the internet, phone apps, smart home devices, and virtual libraries is brilliant. Technology gives our generation a context on which we can access our world from any given location. Consequently, this kind of access breeds a never-satiated appetite for knowledge and fitting-in that can be distracting.

We have all done it, small talk with someone on the elevator ceases and we begin to scroll IG. Down time at work and we’re hiding out in the restroom to do a Skype call. Even a short study break can turn into a binge watch interlude that keeps you from cooking, showering, or getting to bed at a decent time. It’s very easy to lose track of time but it does not have to get to a point where you are losing control of what’s going on around you in the process. Here, we have put together six time saving principles that you can implement right away to ensure that you can continue to experience the world at your fingertips, but also be a functioning, productive citizen of reality.

  1. Get Organized

Sunday nights are very important for the start of the week. Allot time to pick out your outfit of the day, for all five days. Tidy your home or room, file your work/projects from the week before, de-clutter your purse…anything that will send you into the next week feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day come Monday morning

  1. Plan Your Meals544487861

Nothing takes up more time than going back and forth with your room mate or your beau about what you’re going to eat that night. Save yourself the torture by taking a few minutes to make a list of things you’d like to eat for the week. Make note of what will produce leftovers so you can save time and money at lunch time. An idea of your nutritious fuel would be a great start, but going to the grocery store over the weekend for these items as opposed to during the week, can save you even more time

  1. Wake up 5 minutes Earlier

Ever walk into class or work a few minutes late and silently curse yourself for hitting the snooze button? We all have. Pulling yourself out of your warm bed to face the cold world is not the most appealing thing to do, we know! Setting your alarm for 5-10 minutes before you would normally wake up gives you the opportunity to hit the snooze button with no worries! You get a few minutes to adjust to the fact that you’re an adult and you have responsibilities, plus you end up rolling out of bed on time to start your day

  1. Begin your Morning Routine at Night

Girl, there are just some things that you shouldn’t be rushing to do in the morning. If you know you need a cup of coffee or tea to get your engines running, refrigerate the water over night and have the kettle or coffee maker ready to go, so that in the morning, all you have to do is turn it on. Already you’ve saved 5 ½ minutes! You can apply this same principle to putting your prepared bag or briefcase by the door, packing your gym bag and putting it in the car at night—just about everything shy of putting on your clothes can be done the night before to prepare for the day ahead.521811653

  1. 5. Make a list, Check it twice

You’ve used your time wisely on Sunday; you’re waking up a little earlier, and even have an easier time getting out the door in the morning. Now that you have all this freed up time on your hands, you can spend more time surfing Pinterest—right? Wrong. You are on a roll now, keep it going by actually using the calendar on your phone (or your desk) to schedule big events, and your notes app to create a to-do list. Write down tasks that are important for that particular day and pencil in suggested times of completion. A list sets a standard that you can easily refer back to and modify, a tool of accountability that can keep you on track to steady productivity

  1. 6. Allot Time for Recreational Use

This may seem cold, calculated, and mechanical but, if you implement the above principles, you won’t have a choice but to designate specific times of your day that you can shamelessly watch mindless TV or kitten videos on YouTube. The idea is to have more control of your time by balancing out your days to include more space for productivity. In doing so, you’ll look up from your tasks and realize that hey, you have 45 minutes before you start dinner that can be spent reading 50 Shades of Gray for the nth time on your iPad, or catching an episode of Basketball Wives on demand, whatever your heart desires.

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