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#ThinkPYNK: 7 Girl Squads We Secretly Wanted To Be #TBT



As young girls our most honored and desired privilege is to be surrounded by good friends and grow into amazing women. Whether you’re sitting together checking off a list of your perfect spouse, or having girl talks about life and love; you will always have these fond memories with your girls. It is important to be amongst women likeminded women of grace, ambition and elegance in order to mature into this image for yourself. Growing up in the 90’s we have been able to experience the true art of friendships and relationships through several television shows and movies that displayed the true meaning of companionship and loyalty. Unfortunately, these examples of sisterhood have been replaced by the woes of reality television and weird dating shows.

In a perfect world, we would be able to bring back some of our favorite shows that showed women being sisters to one another, supporting each other, helping each other and of course joking on each other. We have always secretly wanted to be a part of Joan’s love life, Denise Huxtables’ college days, and even Melanie’s first days of being a football wife. As women, it’s important for us to recognize our fellow queens and stick together. In honor of throwback Thursday and celebrating sisterhood every day, here are 7 female squads that we secretly wanted to be.

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Living Single (Max, Khadijah, Regine, Synclaire)

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