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#ThinkPYNK: 7 Profound Habits of Happy Women



Happiness is not a destination, it’s a choice. Although it may seem like it’s so far away and that all the odds are against you, it’s important to find a peaceful happy place within yourself whether it’s spiritually, mentally or physically. Exercise of the mind and the body heals all and continuous practice is the only way to create a habit. There are many bad habits that stand in our way of happiness like, doubting ourselves, laziness, giving up and more. To stay afloat sometimes we need to be reminded of how much potential we have.

There may be voids in your life, but instead of trying to fill them with something temporary, working on building yourself up to eliminate those voids. Break the habit of self-hate and criticism. Check out 7 #PYNKGirlApproved profound habits of happy women.

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Educating yourself

It’s important to constantly learn about yourself and your surroundings. This will keep you sync with your mind and the things going on around you.


Treating your body right

It’s important to treat your body right by eating properly and appreciating it for what it is. Some women aren’t built to be skinny and some aren’t built to be thick, so accept your body for what it is.



For some women, exercise helps them channel negative energy into something more productive. Sweat that stress out!



It’s important to spend time alone in your thoughts, but it is also important to spend alone time thoughtless. Take time out of your day just to sit in silence and enjoy the present.



Selfishness sometimes carries a negative connotation, but there is nothing wrong with spending more time on you than on anyone else. That’s called prioritizing. Sometimes you need to be more selfish.


Treating people with respect

Treating people how you want to be treated creates a cycle in your life. Energy is karmic, so you should always be kind.


Acting with integrity

Do everything you do with your heart and if your heart isn’t in it, don’t do it.


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