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#ThinkPYNK: 8 Positive Ways To Celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth



It’s only the beginning of Women’s History Month and it’s important that we truly participate in a month that celebrates us. From a woman like Shonda Rhimes who is making television history and breaking down barriers to women like Michelle Obama who continues to be an inspiration and positive influence for the female community; we are proud to say that this month celebrates all different types of women in a myriad of professions.

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, a young student finding your way, or a well-established woman in the business field—you matter, and it’s important that you take this month to not only celebrate your idols and icons, but celebrate yourself as a contributor to the positive movement of successful and brilliant women. If you haven’t already started celebrating, make sure you step your game up now. Here are 8 positive ways that you can celebrate Women’s History Month.



1. Host a women’s dinner

Gather some friends and family and have a classy girl power dinner.



2. Have a women’s appreciation seminar

This can be held at a venue or at a friends house. you can discuss issues in the female community and ways to fix them.



3. Treat yourself

Treat yourself and a special woman in your life to a spa day. Your mother, your sister or your mentor.



4. Promote feminism on social media

Easy and efficient, you can just research some powerful and influential women who have done remarkable things and post about them on you social networks to educate other women.



5. Host a girls only spoken word

This could be a great event to gather women for some female empowerment poetry.



6. Have a girl power slumber party

Throw a slumber party with your girl friends. Drink wine and have girl talk.



7. Go to a bookstore

Brush up on some women’s history by heading to a bookstore and finding something to read on an unfamiliar prominent female.



8. Make a women’s history playlist

Oldies but goodies! Compile a playlist from classics back in the day to hit records now.

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