#ThinkPYNK: A Podcast That Speaks Directly To Women



If you are looking for something to do at work on any given day of the week, there is no need to listening to FM radio music, because we’ve found the cure for your boredom. BuzzFeed’s newest podcast “Another Round” is probably one of the more radically hilarious conversations that you’ll hear amongst two black girls. Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton are hysterical, the usual guests on their shows are African American professionals in the media field who have established themselves in their particular trade.

Completely unfiltered and naturally entertaining, these two discuss topics involving racial issue, living in America, feminism and more. Although you might assume that this is another angry mob of black women, if you tune in you’ll actually find that their conversations are informational and quite insightful. With their “drunk debates” and statements like, “have you ever heard of a male stripper shooting up a school?” How can you expect anything less than absolutely gut-busting laughter. Tune into one of our favorite #PYNKGirlApproved weekly podcasts.

Listen to the first episode below:

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