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#ThinkPYNK: African-American Woman Creates App That Deletes Text Messages #WomensHistoryMonth


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Wouldn’t we all love to take back those drunk texts, emo slip-up texts and embarrassing typo texts? Well, in the year 2015 you might finally be able to redo the most permanent thing that we have in modern technology-a text message. A 28-year-old African-American female has just drunk-proofed your phone.

Former Spelman student Maci Peterson has recently created an app that allows you to delete text messages before they are sent to a recipient. On Second Thought is definitely a useful tool for us millenials and a phenomenon for the smart phone. Peterson spoke with Black Enterprise about her new creation, explaining how it works and the most useful features it provides:

On Second Thought” is very easy to use. After downloading the app from the Google Play Store, you go to the app’s settings, set On Second Thought as your default SMS app and determine the length of your “grace period”—up to 60 seconds. The “grace period” is the amount of time you have to swipe left and Ost (recall) a message after hitting “send.”

Another feature in development is “curfew.” It’s for those nights on the town when you know you might have a bit too much to drink. Just go to your On Second Thought settings, determine the time you’d like your “curfew” to start, and all messages you try to send after that time will be held until the next morning. Once the “curfew” expires, you can look back and see which messages you still want to send, and which ones you’re thankful didn’t go through.”

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