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#ThinkPYNK: Apple’s iOS9 Includes A Tracker For That Time Of The Month



Finally Apple’s software team has made a useful application for us women―as if Apple just realized women use iPhones too. Yesterday, at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference, the multi-billion dollar company unveiled its newest upgrade to the iPhone. The new iOS 9 software will have longer battery life, faster Internet speed, a better Siri, and―drum roll, please―an upgraded HealthKit that includes a menstrual cycle tracker for women―because we have periods. Instead of purchasing that other time-of-the-month app with way too many gadgets and complexities, we can now simply turn on our phones to find out when that special day is approaching. iPhone developers definitely got it right with this new installation and we can’t wait to try it. #PYNKGirlApproved

Photo Credit:, Apple & Huffintonpost


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