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#ThinkPYNK: Dominique Evans Turned Hair Styling Passion Into A Thriving Business



Written by Brandon Robinson @ScoopB

Everybody is entertained by the notion of following their dreams. But how many are willing to actually chase those dreams and make them a reality? Oh, well guess you haven’t met hairstylist Dominique Evans. A child of the nineties, Evans grew up enamored by natural styles, bobs, Janet Jackson Poetic Justice Braids, hair extensions and other trendy works of art rocked daily.

A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Evans was bit by the hair bug at 12 years old, styling hair locally in her neighborhood. Fast forward to her adult life after training professionally in cosmetology school, big homie is still going strong and hasn’t looked back. She’s actually expanded her territory by way of social media.

Have you ever noticed how celebrities have that one story of how they became mainstream? You know the drill: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were on the Disney Club and Sean Kingston and Adele were discovered on Myspace?  Well, with Instagram becoming the new norm for everybody getting noticed, Evans rode the wave.

She made a promise to herself that she’d post photos of her work on Instagram to gain followers and that after her first 10,000 followers, she would begin traveling around major cities in the United States doing hair and promoting her brand. “I didn’t just want to be a local celebrity stylist,” Evans told Pynk.

“I’m going to go from city to city and put my work out there so that people will know who I am.”

Initially Evans did a three city hair tour in Chicago, New York City and Atlanta where she announced her presence via the gram. Word of mouth spread and her clientele responding seeking out her services. It was a confidence builder, but she admits that the tour was not what she had hoped. “I lost a lot of money, but I still followed my dream,” she said.

Par for the course…humble beginnings!

Three months later, homegirl picked up where she left off and did a five city tour in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Houston followed by a seven city tour. The repetition paid dividends for The Dom. Not to mention,she surely racked up some frequent flier miles with Delta airlines. Has she gotten stock in the company yet?

In all seriousness, folks are respecting her craft!

“It really should be against the law of life for you to SLAY da sh*t outta these bobs as well as you do,” said @pooh_nani80 in a comment on Dominique’s photo on Instagram.

Erica Dias, a publicist of The B Firm PR in Atlanta is one of Evans’ frequent customers. She’s been pleased with her work. “Everybody’s experience has been the same,” she said. “She’s professional and you can tell that she is passionate about her work.”

After her tour, Evans left Milwaukee and relocated to Atlanta to pursue her passion. Her tour gave her the confidence to take a leap of faith. It has paid dividends. “My dream was to move to Atlanta,” she said. “Atlanta is a hair capital and I moved here because I knew that I would do better here. I’m going to do what I need to do and then I plan on moving to Los Angeles. It’s a stepping stone.”

A stepping stone it was! Since moving to the A, Evans was briefly apart of Young Thug’s Lifestyle. After all, she done did a lot of stuff just to live this here lifestyle. She styled his dreads while he was on location for a shoot. Evans has also done Bad Girls Clubs’ Alex Rice hair.

It all started at the crib in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the screen of your smartphone on Instagram. Surely a testament to staying focused. Make sure to follow Dominique at @HairArtByDominique to check out her unique creations!

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