#ThinkPYNK: @ErickaMPittman Embraces 40 With ‘Ebony Magazine’



Ebony Magazine honors Vice President of the Chairman’s Office at the company started by Sean “Diddy” Combs, Ericka Pittman with exclusive, glamorous photos of the bombshell as she transitions into her fierce 40’s. Ericka Pittman’s keys to life have consistently displayed hard-work, dedication and integrity through her creative passions and her prestigious role within Combs Enterprises.

Growing up in the inner city, Pittman refused to let herself become a product of her environment by minimizing her dreams and settling for mediocrity. A few years and some hustle later, the head exec is proving how powerful black girl magic is and we are definitely here for it! On April 18th, Pittman is kissing her 30’s goodbye and welcoming the beginning stages of her next decade of life.  During a photo-shoot for Ebony Mag, the fearless business woman discusses her journey and her goals for the future.

2ndLook2_gallery-image_56495[Sexuality and femininity] are both super and equally powerful. But if used in the wrong way sexuality can become something completely different,” she expresses. “Femininity, is more of a cerebral approach to being a woman, sexuality being a physical, helps to balance things out in the boardroom. So, if I’m in a room full of masculine energy and I bring a feminine point of view with the assertiveness of my alpha roots, I find a happy space. And I figure out a way to get things done. Men know that I’m unafraid. Women know that I’m unapologetic. And I think I just sort of get what I want.”

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Produced By: CODE of NYC

Photographer: Shane Suban

Stylist: Marcus Blassingame

Hair Stylist: Myss Monique

Makeup: Rasheeda Bogle




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