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#ThinkPYNK: Halloween Costumes that Complement Every Shape


Halloween is just around the corner and there are so many variations of costumes out there. You’ve probably been on Pinterest for weeks trying to get an idea for the wild, jaw dropping costume you’re going to show up in this year. So don’t let insecurities about your shape deter you from taking advantage of the one night a year where you can dress unbecoming without feeling a type of way about it.

Speaking of your shape, did you know that you can rely on the same standards for dressing for your body type, to pick out a costume? Yes, the same rules for choosing the right cocktail dress apply when it comes to deciding if you’ll be a sultry Snow White or a Spice Girl. We’ve put together a guide to help you identify the costumes that will best suit your shape. So this year, step out with total confidence, and have fun while accentuating the features you LOVE about your body.


What it looks like: Your hips and bust are proportionate, you have generous curves, and a defined waist

Celebrity match: Think Nicki Minaj or Kim Kardashian

What to look for: One pieces that hug your curves, there are tons of themes from wonder woman to a sexy firefighter that will play up your figure. You could also go for embellished waists like a Cinderella ball gown or mermaid suit











What it looks like: Your bust is smaller than your hips

Celebrity match: Think Beyonce or J.Lo

What to look for: Costumes that draw attention to your top half. Costumes with embellished tops like a sultry snow white, a sexy bunny, or a sensual maid are all a great fit for you




What it looks like: Also known as the inverted triangle, you have broad shoulders, a big bust, and small hips

Celebrity match: Think J.Hud or La La Anthony

What to look for: You want to create balance by either adding proportion to your bottom half or defining your waist. Go for belted goddess costumes that tout a slim waist, Marilyn Monroe-esque costumes with full skirts that add volume to your hips, or a vixen flapper getup to lengthen your midsection

Image-1(2)Marilyn Monroeflapper



What it looks like: Also referred to as the rectangle, you tend to be slim and curvy with a small bust and hips

Celebrity match: Think Kerry Washington or Meagan Good

What to look for: You want to create the illusion of more curves, achieve this with corset waists, buxom necklines, and fitted bottoms. Sexy circus costumes, cat woman, or a wicked nurse would work for you



What it looks like: You are a straight line from top to bottom, but your  bust and hips are proportionate, and you have slim curves

Celebrity match: Think Rihanna or Zoe Saldana

What to look for: With a straight shape less is more! You may have slim curves but your stunning legs make up for it. Think about a Hooters girl costume, a sexy referee, or a naughty gypsy costume that shows off your flat tummy



What it looks like: Your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders and you may have a fuller midsection

Celebrity match: Think Jill Scott or Queen Latifah

What to look for: You want to create a defined waist and a lithe shape, you would go for a costume with plenty accessories to achieve this look. Think a sexy sailor with a corset top, a 70s dancer with tall boots, or an Egyptian queen with a belted waist. The sky is the limit!



Don’t be afraid to get creative and DIY these costume ideas

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