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#ThinkPYNK: How To Get Back At Your Ex In 7 Simple Ways

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Getting over an ex is like getting over a bad flu. You are constantly in pain and it takes way too long. It’s okay to be a little saddened over someone that you miss, but you can’t allow that negativity to consume you.

We’ve all been there. Thinking that we’ve found the love of our lives and all of a sudden the dream come true becomes a nightmare—it all happens way too fast. There are so many effective ways to get over an ex. Some involve massive pampering like getting your hair and nails done more often than usual. Some people take the easy route and cling to anyone giving you a little attention. The worst thing you can do is jump right back into a relationship with the first guy who’s nice to you and feeds you, so MAN UP—no pun intended.

It’s time that you grow some and get back at the man who nearly ruined your life (women are so dramatic). Typically, women take a trip to Crazy Town, where they learn key their exes car, set his clothes on fire etc; but there are more strategic ways to get back at your ex. To prevent the possibility of getting arrested or jumped by his three sisters. Here are 7 affective ways to get back at your ex.


Disclaimer: The photos are not subliminal

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Always look your flyest when you know he’ll be around

Now that you are single, get ride of those sweats and hair ties. Leave the house looking like it’s an audition for ANTM everyday.



Have a new boo, whether it’s your boo or not

Always have a shorty by your side. He may be someone you’re just dating in the meantime or it may be your best guy friend, but he’s got testosterone and that’s all that matters.



Ignore his desperate texts

Make sure he knows that you’ve ignored them by turning on the text message setting that shows when you’ve read someones text that they sent.



Tell his mother what REALLY happened

He’s probably your ex for a reason…AKA he did something stupid. If you were “wifey” you have to have a relationship with his mother, so make sure she knows what’s up. Although mommy will always be on her baby’s side—if you were the best girl for him, she’ll let him know that he effed up.



Befriend a relative

If you were ever cool with his sister, now’s the time to be her best friend. It doesn’t matter what relative it is, it could even be a friend—just make sure it’s a girl.



Leak his nudes

If he was really bae, you’d have some blackmail stored in your archives. If you want to do him really dirty, you can leak his freaky pics to the world; if not, you and your friends will always have something to laugh at.



Show up in this

That is all.


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