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#ThinkPYNK: How To Survive The First Week Of Classes



As a college student you know so well how hard getting back into the swing of things fresh from summer can be. It’s actually realizing you can no longer sleep late, that you actually have work to get done, and most importably realizing your fun is over and that you can not mess up this year.

For all you freshmen entering college this is the pivotal year where you are no longer a baby and you have to fend for yourself. You get hit with a stack of syllabus that ultimately serve as your blue print to the times and dates when you will have your many breakdowns and mid life crisis. As a newbie entering the unchartered territory of college fresh out of high school you quickly realize that you are on your own. But you also are faced with many temptations, the biggest one being should you hit up the party on campus everyone is talking about or stay in your room and study?

For all you returning students, one would think that because you have some experience as a college student life would be easy. But, that is farthest from the truth! You have the pressure of making sure you take enough credits so you can graduate on time, making sure you are in compliance with your major and minor, and the stress of finding an internship or job that could possibly be permanent after graduation.

And with college in full affect right now, the stress and pressure of it all is upon you. So here are a few helpful tips to get through at least the first week without a hitch.

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