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#ThinkPYNK: How To Survive The Worst Internship Ever


We all have been in the struggle stages where you are either in college or fresh out of college and looking to gain experience in your respective fields, and take on an internship that just so happens to be the worst experience ever. But despite the great resume boost it will allow and the chance to rub elbows with heavy hitters in your field of interest, you quickly learn that as an intern you are basically the help. So you come to work and do meaningless task and try to figure out when will it get better? When will it be what I dreamed about it being? When will I get the chance to bump into my idol and have the conversation I practiced 50 times in my head?

These are questions every intern ask themselves around the same time they ponder quitting. But we are here to give you a few tips on how to make the best out of the worst internship ever.


Don’t Sweat It:

Never let your boss or co- workers see you sweat or angry. As interns they give you the task they clearly don’t want to do because they are to busy sipping on coffee and taking lunch meetings that have nothing to do with work but have everything to do with getting a free meal. Sure this is annoying but, these are also task that can make you look great in their eyes and can lead to them giving you task with greater responsibilities.

Keep It To Yourself:

When you become so annoyed and angry that you’re about a second away from giving everyone in the office a piece of your mind, just kindly keep it to yourself and tell them off in your head. That way you sort of cursed them out but only you know it (lol).

Fellow Interns Unite:

Its never easy going through anything alone so make friends with your fellow interns because they are the only ones who can understand your pain and make jokes with you about your boss.

See The Bigger Picture:

Never let the bad outweigh the good in any internship because you have to see this as a stepping stone. This opportunity will lead to bigger and better opportunities whether its the chance to move up in the company or move on to another company. So bite the bullet and put on your best smile!



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