#ThinkPYNK : Monday Motivation Guide to a New Year and a New You!



2017 was a year of lessons, transformations, and inspirations! All of these phases steamed from opportunities that we affirmed. With the New Year arriving everyone is purging. We are making list and checking them twice, not to mention creating a prosperous sustainable reality. Bottom line, this is a moment for a change. Here is a guide to help you go into the New Year with a fresh start:


Cleansing your sacred space.

One of the first ways to start off the New Year is a clean sacred space. There is nothing like a deep clean where your home, office, or apartment represents you! As a matter of fact, the scent of fresh flowers and burning candles will definitely add to the feng shui of your safe haven. As working women getting fresh air will clear your thoughts and revive your energy. Go ahead and crack your windows, fill your lungs with organic air! You can get one step closer to peace by burning sage to assist with this cleansing process. Smudging is the proper term for burning herbs aiding in healing and getting rid of negative energy.


‘Tis the season to donate!

Additionally, we all should give openly away this holiday season. This is the perfect time to clean out our closets with those unwanted clothes or shoes that we haven’t worn in ages! Donating is another way to assist in our clean-out spree. Make room for new trendy pieces you have been thinking so badly about. You can donate to your local Goodwill, The Buffalo Exchange, or The Purple Heart—a service that comes straight to your door for your unwanted clothes. Giving away contributes to social responsibility, which is everyone’s duty to society. With just a few days left in the year, now is the time to donate and give to the less fortunate.


2018 Girl Boss Playlist.

Not only should we give back to the community and cleanse, it is also great to have a playlist to get everything checked off our list! To enjoy the festivities of the holidays, create a playlist with all sorts of danceable tracks. Our list should be filled with motivational and inspirational songs that make us feel phenomenal! Ladies who love trap music will never have a down moment once we have our go-to playlist to remind us that we are black girl magic. From SZA to Beyonce, allow your playlist to have a victorious theme.


Given these tips, starting 2018 off in the right direction is essential. Moving forward and transforming to a new level requires some work. The New Year is a time of getting rid of what no longer serves us. Afterall, who doesn’t like a fresh start? Again, utilizing these three tips will support us in our New Year journey, 2018 here we come!

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