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#ThinkPYNK: Partner, Let Me Upgrade You!


Every #PYNKGirl has been in one of those relationships where they just knew they could do better and decided to listen to Queen Bee and upgraded real quick. So lets take a stroll down memory lane with some of our favorite #PYNKGirls and see just how well they upgraded.



1.First on our list is Ciara, when she first stepped on the scene she was the apple of every guys eye with her slick moves and sexy body. And the first guy who caught her eye just so happened to be Lil Bow Wow. But, two public relationships later (50 cent and Future) Ciara has found her Prince Charming in Russell Wilson


2.Coming in at number two is Kim Kardashian.If it wasn’t for Ray J hitting it first, Reggie Bush dropping it like it was hot, and Kris Humphries fake putting a ring on it then she would have never found her soul mate, Kanye West.

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