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#ThinkPYNK: ‘RISE’ Women Empowerment Tour Celebrates Women on the Rise


Alikay Naturals and The Natural Hair Nstitute have joined together to create the RISE Women Empowerment Tour. This new national platform, sponsored by and Myavana, aims to raise awareness for girls’ and women’s empowerment through showcasing the power of women of color working together to create and uplift one another.

RISE focuses on the four key pillars of Reach/Repeat, Inspire, Sisterhood & Elevate to unite and strengthen women’s voices through interactive discussions and presentations. RISE is an empowerment movement that offers a forum that connects community members with influential individuals and organizations.

Ironically kicking  off during Women’s History Month-March 2015, the tour comes at a pivotal moment for women. Naturally curly has spent the past 16 years connecting women through their similarities rather than dividing them because of their differences. It is amazing to see the continuation of the mission to educate, support and inspire acceptance and self-love.

We have reached a significant moment in the history of women’s empowerment and now is the time for a change in how we realte to one another, Alikay Naturals CEO and RISE co-founder Rochelle Graham. “I think it is essential for girls and women to not only see, but celebrate the possibilities.”

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