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Love & Relationships: Should You Play Hard To Get?



So you’ve finally decided to put yourself out there and get back into the dating scene. You’ve met lots of great people who could possibly become your potential boo. The question that comes to your mind is, should I play hard to get? Well, the answer depends on what you are looking for.

Until now, it seems as though the thought of playing hard to get wasn’t considered a good idea because it’s like sending mixed signals. Even though some people think that playing hard to get doesn’t work, we all still do it because it that comfortable defense mechanism that most women use.

Well, according to The Journal of Experimental Psychology, playing hard to get really does work. While previous research has shown that it lowers someone’s chances of liking you, this study says it does raise their desire in wanting you. Remember the old saying “don’t hate the player, hate the game?” Well, it actually applies to this. If you’re interested in making someone work hard to pursue and wanting someone to want you, then you should definitely play hard to get. If you want a short-term fling or just a one-night stand, then there’s really no need for you to play hard to get when you’re really not that hard to get.

In my opinion, playing hard to get is good in the beginning cause it lets the person know that you’re not easy. You don’t want to just settle for anyone. You’re letting your potential significant other know that you’re someone worth waiting for and that you value and respect yourself. Some may think that playing games is a waste of time, but if someone really likes you they will put that time in and work hard for you. Once you see them actually working hard for you and you feel good about them then you should take that relationship to the next level. Guys and girls will only give you what they receive, so if you give them the vibe that they are going to have to work hard for you then they’ll work hard for it. If you give them an easy vibe then they won’t work for it at all.

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