#ThinkPYNK: Show Me A Real MC, Not A Femcee


hip-hopWhen it comes to the culture of hip hop everyone can agree it’s a culture that changes with each generation. Hip hop is the only sub-culture that has a way of influencing and affecting other cultures and sets the foundation for what is considered fly and dope when it comes to style.It started with gucci track suits then evolved into kangol hats and rope chains to big white tees and air forces to skin jeans and vans.

Hip Hop style has constantly been influenced by those we call the gate keepers, also known as rappers. Rappers have consistently no matter the era been a figure of their street environments and portray the image of a mans man. They are gritty, hard, tough and make it a point to let those characteristics show through their choice of clothing. But it has become harder and harder to distinguish that mans man rapper from the rapper who seems to dabble in cross dressing or seems to be confused about his place in the world of hip hop.

We now have rappers like Lil B, Young Thug, and Kanye West, who prove to be some of today’s generations’ hardest and most thuggish rappers who partake in feminizing themselves and lowering the standards of what it means to be a “mans man.”

Their choice of clothing haves to make you question the caliber of what it means to be a gangster rapper or heterosexual rapper period. When you look back on the hip hop timeline never was it acceptable for a rapper, who was seen as the mirrored image of a street hustler to dress or dabble in women’s clothing. So does this mean we as a society have lowered our standards of who we considered the gate keepers of our precious culture known as hip hop?

Take some time to look at these pictures below and let us know what you #PYNKGirls think about our modern day femcees.











Photo Credit(s): Bossip, dopepicz, djjudgemental.


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