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#ThinkPYNK: Top Bloggers You Must Follow


Every PYNK girl has there set icons and inspirational bloggers they follow for the latest in fashion, style, gossip, and beauty. But the leading bloggers in these fields may have not caught your attention yet, so this is just for you. Those making major head way in their respective fields of blogging have become so successful because of their ability to cater to a consumers specific needs.

In the world of fashion and beauty there are so many contributors and self proclaimed gurus but those bloggers who actually have the accreditation based on followers and fans are very few. Those leading in the field of fashion and beauty help so many with finding their personal style and helping to stay up on the latest trends. Those bloggers leading in the field of fashion include:

Photo Credit(s):, Youtube, astoldbyericaleigh, mashable.


Fashion stylist D. Ni’Cole, with her thriving site and popular Instagram account she has been catering to  every type of PYNk girl and lends her fashion tips and personal styling genius to all her 47.7K followers.  


In the field of beauty blogging, the lady who is at top of her game and who is no strayer to PYNK is, HeyGorjess. Starting off as a natural hair enthusiast HeyGorjess has built and expanded her brand and serves as the go to blogger for every girls natural beauty tips ranging from hair, makeup, and skin. 


In the field of naturalistas, the lady who has never shied away from her roots and who continues to give her subscribers and followers the latest in natural hair tips is none other then Janae Raquel. She lends her talents of curl education to her many followers and even takes her tips a step further by hosting hair care events in the tri-state area where her fans can get an up close and personal experience of what every natural chic should be doing with their locs and curls.

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