#ThinkPYNK: Top Websites For The Recent College Graduate Struggle



When it comes to graduating college, it is one of the greatest accomplishments due to the long nights and early mornings spent studying and those 4 long years that seemed would never come to an end. But what’s next?

The struggle for a great majority of college graduates is finding a job in their respective fields. And if you just so happen to be one of those communication majors it seems practically impossible get your dream job writing for those top magazines, television networks, PR firms, or brewing into the fashion industry.

But with the help of these top sites and your dedication to finding the perfect job we are sure that you will be set by time you walk across that stage in May.

Living The Editor Life : 

This site is specific to those in the journalism, fashion, and technology field looking for internships (paid/unpaid), full time positions, and freelance work. :

This site is specific to journalism and editor positions.

This site is dedicated to our writing jobs in any field whether it be fashion, news, sports, or entertainment.

Photo Credit(s): Sacobserver, universityherald. 

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