Open Thread: What Are Your Relationship Goals?


Everyone has their ideal fantasy of what the ultimate relationship looks like and what they expect their significant other to contribute. What if the fantasy you have been dreaming up all your life is just a dream never meant to be played out in your reality?

As young girls we played house acting out the things we saw in our favorite cartoon shows; where the handsome guy opens doors, cooks meals, provides for and protects his significant other. When you finally grow up and grow out of the playing house stage you quickly are faced with reality. The reality that most guys don’t believe in chivalry and that most guys are dogs. For the very few out their who still have these gentleman ideals and values they are either taken or mistreated by undeserving women.

So what exactly are relationship goals?

Is it the look you get once a man gets on one knee and pops the big question accompanied by a diamond ring?

Is it the big step you make to finally ask your boyfriend to move in so that you can start to plan a life together?

Is it the gratifying feeling you get when your man surprises you with the get away trip you’ve been hinting at all year?

Or is it simply knowing you have a good guy that you wouldn’t trade in for the world?


Relationship goals shouldn’t be what we see on social media or what we feel is the “perfect” relationship played out by celebrities. Your goal in a relationship should be to be the best you to someone else that you can be, so that your significant other treats you with respect. Therefore, each relationship goal should be tailored to you specifically and what you feel you deserve out of the relationship.

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