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#ThinkPYNK: What Is College Shirt Tour?


When it comes to our generation we lack the personable skills to have a real conversation in order to connect. We become so wrapped up in our phones and the media that we lack the very skills that allow us as human beings to be human. But these very concerns are what birthed what is being called College Shirt Tour.

The idea came about when a William Paterson student, Quain Bevans visited another university and received a free t shirt and decide to post the shirt to his social media. This stirred up conversation between his followers because they wondered why he would post  apparel from a school he does not attend. In 2014 Quain later took his followers concerns and evolved the idea into a t shirt being the very tool that could make people communicate and connect. He believed that communication was key and later brought on 2 more men to expand his vision, Walter Farrior and Vaughn Matthew.

The idea behind College Shirt Tour is to help college students gain connections on other campuses all over the nation and teach students the value of their three word system “Approach, Connect, Exchange”.  They host events such as hikes, seminars, and other fun activities to push people out of their comfort zone and give them the opportunity to connect with others they wouldn’t have the opportunity to in their everyday lives.

So if you’re ever in need of networking skills, college connections, or a cool t shirt, this is the movement you want to follow.

To learn more about College Shirt Tour or to connect with the creators follow them on Instagram @Collegeshirttour




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