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#ThinkPYNK: Back To School Necessities



Its about that time when every #PYNKGirl is on her way back to school. And it’s the excitement of getting back together with your friends, hitting up all the house parties, enjoying life back on campus, and knowing you’re steps closer to graduation and your dream job. But before you get to those final steps every #PYNKGirl should have their back to school shopping list prepared and ready, but if you don’t we are here to help.

When heading to school, whether your a returning student or first year there are a few things you sure can’t live without as a #PYNKGirl.

Entertainment: Be sure to have a laptop or television to stay up to date on the latest in television, movies, and pop culture.

Decoration: Be sure to make your dorm room as much like home as possible. Don’t be afraid to decorate and make your personal space as visually appeasing as possible with little reminders of home, family and friends.

Beauty:It goes without saying that every #PYNKGirl should have their trunk load of beauty products while at school. It’s for those days when you want to step out and make a statement and try something other then the typical college uniform of sweats and a t-shirt.

Good Eats: It’s not completely true that college students live off of Roman Noodles. Sometimes you just want a home cooked meal and when the care package is running a little late you may have to put those cooking skills to the test. So stock your fridge and containers with some of the necessities like pasta, chicken breast and fish.

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