#ThinkPYNK: Top 10 Biggest Lies Women Tell



Women are liars. Not in an evil menacing way, but in a way where we know how to masque our true feelings and put our emotions aside for the greater good…and also to get what we want, of course!

Although there are several men that would disagree with women being able to hide their emotions, they cannot deny that we are strong, mysterious and misunderstood beings.

Unlike our counterparts, we are able to put selfishness aside and-for lack of a better term-“suck it up” when we have to. There is no telling how much information women are holding in and whether what we choose to share is the truth or not, but you will never know unless you live in the shoes of a female. Check out PYNK’s top choices of the 10 biggest lies that women tell.


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“I won’t laugh, I promise.”

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