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There are many celebrity women that inspire us to get fit

 Here are PYNK’s Top Picks !!



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Draya Michelle – With her clothing lines “mint swim’ and ‘fine ass girls'” Draya has inspired her followers on instagram to stay healthy and look good by sharing their weight loss journey on her page . Her body is amazing and she certainly inspires us to get right !


teyana taylor

Teyana Taylor– Killer 6 pack and that toned butt, Teyana has a body to die for! She has spoken out many times about her workout plan and how you too can get abs like her !


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Brooke Bailey– number one promoter for the “my life cleanse”, Brooke expresses the importance of eating clean, staying healthy and most importantly detox !!


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Tahiry Jose –  Naturally, Tahiry is a woman with many curves but keeps her body looking great with consistent workouts that we lucky instagrammers get to view ourselves!


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Angela Simmons – Angela is a fitness freak ! She works out hard and her body shows it. Her instagram posts are filled with inspiring words and her detailed workout journey keeping us inspired to be healthy and fit.


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