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Top Beauty Brands For The Woman On The Go

Artist: Nicholle Kobi

Ever woke up super late and didn’t have time to do your makeup before leaving home?  Now you’re forced to either do your makeup in the car in between red lights or on the subway. Nothing is worse than doing your makeup while commuting and having to concentrate on not dropping your eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner, mascara and God knows whatever else is in your makeup bag.  To any woman that has the confidence to do her makeup while spectators sit back and watch your every move,  I admire your level of “unbotheredness.”

Living in the city, I’ve become accustomed to being quick, versatile and having the grace and style to switch my look up on the go.  I can go from a dewy fresh face look to my sexy date night look in 3.5 seconds.  (Not literally, but you get my point).   Here is a list of my favorite beauty brands that aid in helping your “woman on the go” lifestyle easier for transforming.  


Screenshot 2016-08-22 09.38.06DHC Eyeliner  This gel-based eyeliner is a favorite because it is super easy to apply, smudge proof and goes on super smooth.  It makes the process of applying your makeup on the go effortless and you don’t have to worry about accidently poking yourself in the eye (got to love those abrupt stops on the subway). I also use it to perfect my cat eye 🙂  Price: $11.00


BlackUp Contouring Stick  This highlight and shadow duo has a double-ended stick and it serves as 2 products in 1. I love it because I don’t have to worry about taking too many makeup products with me.  Its small and effective. It has a creamy texture that goes on extremely smooth and makes the process of contouring easy and foolproof for professional and amateur makeup lovers.  This product is definitely my go to product for everyday use. Price: $42.00



BlackUp Concealer Palette If you are looking for another easy contouring option try BlackUp’s concealer palette.  It’s perfect for matching black and mixed skins tones.  Not only is it great for contouring but I use this palette to cover and neutralizes my dark and uneven skin imperfections. BlackUp is definetly one of the best makeup brands that truly produce QUALITY makeup for women of color. Price: $30



Lorac Cosmectics  This all in one compact is great for the woman on the go.  The Pro To Go compact is filled with 3 Shimmer eyeshadows, 3 matte eyeshadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer and 2 brushes.  What else do you need? Right! I like to pair it with the Lorac POREfection Concealor to help brighten and conceal under-eye circles or bags from lack of sleep.  This combo is everything you need for a full face. I love Lorac because their products are long-lasting and great for all skin tones. Price: $38



Go Comb
  I hate having to carry my comb and brush with me because it takes up too much space in my purse. Having to decide what to take out my bag just so my hair supplies can fit is the worst!  The GoComb is a super cute comb that makes it easy to travel light and it’s small enough to take everywhere. It works well with all hair types including natural hair and has a smooth coating for the hair and scalp. It’s perfect for keeping everything in place.  Price: 



IDecoz is a life saver!  It’s literally the best phone accessory ever.  It’s perfect for checking your lipstick, makeup and making sure there are no leftovers from lunch in your teeth. I love my IDecoz mirror because it gives me reassurance that I’m always on point when I don’t have time to run to the bathroom for a quick makeup check.  Not to mention its perfect for perfecting your selfies.   Price: $11.99

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