Torrei Hart Making Real Boss Moves: Gotta Have a Hustle or Two, Including New Natural Hair Products



In case you didn’t know or you forgot, Torrei Hart is used to bossing up! Beyond the shadow of her past, Torrei is more than what you think you may know. The Loc Queen herself and I spoke about all things “Torrei.” She is a true testament of bouncing back. It is important, especially for women to empower one another. Although, she went through some devastation in her past and may have taken a long time to get to the place she is in now. She made it. Find out how she got there, all about her new natural hair product line, entrepreneurship, and a taste of what more she’s working on. There is more to her, who she really is, a real woman.

PYNK: All right, so first I want to ask, how are you? Of course now I know you appear to be in a really good place right now. I know that your pasts have been hard. How did you get to the place that you are right now?

Torrei Hart: Let’s see. I could fill a lot of self work, to be honest with you. It’s a decision that you make that you want to be happy, you want to move forward and I pretty much forced myself to do it. I made myself do it. I just decided I didn’t want to keep living in the past and so I did a lot of reading. I did the work because more than anything, you have to do the work. Once you make a conscious decision that you’re going to move forward and want more for yourself, that’s where the work comes in. Where I did fasting, I do a lot of praying, self-help books were my best friend during this time. In my library at the house, any self-help book that was gonna help me get through anything or emotionally, physically, anything, I was reading them all.  So I would definitely say books. I would say the determination to want to succeed and I went and got deep into my work and I just wanted to also be a great example for my daughter. My son as well, but mainly my daughter and just show her that it is okay to be able to move forwards. You don’t have to basically sit around and wallow and feel sorry for yourself. But more than anything, I wanted to be strong and I wanted to get to a good place. So I fought for my happiness, to be honest. I just wanted to be happy so I made myself … I did everything necessary to get happy.


PYNK: There’s more to Torrei Hart. So for those people who don’t know, tell us if you can define and say who you are. Who is Torrei Hart?

Torrei Hart: Sure, well, Torrei Hart is a very loving mother first. A fun mother. My kids would say I’m a fun, exciting, loving mother. I’m also an artist. I was always an artist before.  I was training and studying hair art since I was 10 years old. Then has done several movies, has been on several TV shows. I was on a show on Nickelodeon called Parental Discretion. I also, of course you know, I was in a reality world which that unfort- that was reality … but Parental Discretion was a scripted show on Nickelodeon and I was on that for one season. And I’ve also done several movies, one being with Katt Williams, American Bad Boy. I have several projects that are also coming out very soon and so I would say that I am also a motivational speaker. I’m a vet. I was in the military. I served the country. And a lot of people don’t know that about me. So I would definitely say there is much more to me.

PYNK: Absolutely. Wow, I didn’t even about … I don’t think I knew that you were in the military either. So do you ever really put that out or anything? On social media or anything?

Torrei Hart: I have.

PYNK:Oh okay.

Torrei Hart: Yeah because it’s not … I don’t speak of that that often, but when I do events, when I speak at veteran’s events and there’s a lot of homeless vets in America and so I get hired a lot of times to go and speak at events that speaks up for the homeless vets because there’s also a lot of homeless women vets. So that is something that I focus on a lot too and try to bring awareness to the fact that there are homeless women vets in America.


PYNK: Absolutely. So then the hair line. I know that it’s inspired by your daughter’s name, Heaven. So can you tell us all about the haircare line and what is it all about?

Torrei Hart: Sure, well it’s actually it is a natural haircare line, but it can also be used for treated hair as well, processed hair as well, but it’s … mainly it’s geared towards natural hair. All the products, all the ingredients are natural. There’s several different products in the line. There’s shampoo, there’s conditioner, there’s medicated scalp growth, there’s also a curl explosion souffle which helps with people with curly hair. There’s leave-in conditioner that really helps that you can leave in and get the hair real moisturized. The good thing about it is that the products are natural. It wasn’t tested on any animals. We’re using green tea. We’re using aloe vera. We’re using biotin. And we’re using peppermint. We’re using very, very good ingredients that really can help with growth and also help with protecting your hair too, is the main thing. Also gluten-free. So we wanted to really take it down with the ingredients that we were using for the products.


PYNK: Okay. That’s definitely important. So when … so of course I know we can get it now. How do you get it? Tell us how we get it and where can we get it?

Torrei Hart: Sure, okay, so you can actually get it if you go to, there’s a website and it’s N-V-U-R-I-H-A-I-R-C-A-R-E and you go there and it’ll be a link to Heavenly Hart products. And you’ll see all the line under that and then also you can go directly to my Instagram page where a lot of people on their phone’s nowadays, and the link is right in my bio and you click right on the link and it’ll take you directly to all the products, and you can see and choose and all the products are on there. You can get the pack. There’s a mega pack that you can get with all the products as well. And soon, pretty soon, we’re gonna be coming to Amazon and stores. Right now, though, we are available online but very, very soon we will be available in stores and Amazon.


PYNK: Okay. Look forward to that. Hopefully Target. Target’s my favorite store. It’s gonna be in Target, right?

Torrei Hart: Yep, yep, we’re working on Target as well.

PYNK: I know, look I wanna compliment you, on your locs because, speaking of natural hair, I have natural hair as well. I had locs but I actually did cut my locs because they were just, they were starting to get heavy, and I was like, “Oh my god I just want to … I don’t know that I can do it.”

Torrei Hart:Yeah.

PYNK: But I love your locs. Your locs are like gold. It’s talking about hashtag gold. I love your locs. I’ve always loved them. How long have you had ’em and what has that journey been like for you?

Torrei Hart: Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. It’s so funny you say that because I’m always thinking about cutting them and starting over and doing something different. Still natural but I go through those phases where I’m like I maybe want to try something different. So, yeah, but the journey so far, it’s been an amazing journey. I love it. It’s the easiest style that I’ve ever had. It’s fun. It’s exciting because you get to do things with locs that you don’t normally get to do, like I’ve been going to a lot of hot yoga lately. So I enjoy doing yoga and not have to worry about my hair. And going swimming and I never have to worry about my hair. So that part of the journey has been great. The beginning part, when you’re in that stage where you’re like, “What am I going to do?” You’re learning how to style it. That’s not … that wasn’t that enjoyable. But as I’ve gotten used to it, and learning different styles and playing with dye and coloring it and having fun with that, I would say that’s the fun part to having the locs.

PYNK: So besides, you mentioned earlier about your acting, is there gonna be any more acting for you? Are you thinking about getting back into that or, any more roles coming up?

Torrei Hart: Oh yeah, for sure, yeah. Definitely. I haven’t left acting at all. I just have been super busy with the product launch and working on the book but I’m always acting, I’m shooting something in August. I’m shooting a pilot in August and I recently, like I said, I just recently did a movie with Joe Torry. I’m drawing on blank on the other young lady, she’s on a show on Disney channel. But I just recently did a movie with them and now I’m coming up in August of next … actually next month, I’m gonna be shooting another pilot series. So I’m also creating shows. In the process of creating shows. I created a show, which more than likely will be coming out. So I’m always staying creative, always still acting, never gonna stop that. It’s just, in this work, you’ve gotta have a few hustles.

PYNK: You do. You do, you’re right about that. And that’s awesome that you can do, that you can do so much and it’s important, as women, to make sure that we’re showing that we can do it all, we’re not just this or that, we can do everything, ’cause we are that powerful.

Torrei Hart: Definitely!

PYNK: Exactly.

Torrei Hart: Definitely. I’m not just gonna be sitting in the kitchen cooking collard greens.


PYNK: I know that’s right. So what’s next for you besides the book and acting roles coming up? Ultimately, what else is … what else do you see yourself doing?

Torrei Hart: Well, honestly, right now, I see myself just pushing my haircare line, speaking engagements. I have a huge … I’ll be in Houston the weekend of August 11th, through … excuse me, August 10th through the 13th at a big natural haircare expo, so I’ll definitely be there promoting the line, speaking to women, uplifting, encouraging and really, honestly, I believe in this product so much and the love that went into it and the message behind it so right now, that is my mission that I’m on. Just getting … bringing awareness to it and getting it out there and the feeling behind it, it really came from an organic place of love and it’s a gift to my daughter and named after her, and just so black women, especially brown women, understand their beauty and know it’s okay to love yourself. You are beautiful no matter what society tries to say sometimes. So that is the main mission that I’m on at this present moment and when the acting jobs come in, if it’s a project I want to do, I’ll do it and with the book, I’m gonna be putting a lot in that as well, so those are my main two passion projects right now.

PHOTO CREDITS(S): Torrei Hart’s IG

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